Center for Novel Pathways to Quantum Coherence in Materials

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Joel E. Moore
  • Dr. David D. Awschalom
  • Dr. James G. Analytis
  • Dr. Dmitri N. Basov
  • Dr. Giulia Galli
  • Dr. Ania Bleszynski Jayich
  • Dr. Feng Wang
  • Dr. Norman Y. Yao

The executive committee consists of the Center Director (Moore), Deputy Director for Science (Awschalom), one senior investigator each from Columbia, ANL, and UCSB (Basov, Galli, and Bleszynski Jayich), and the three thrust leads from LBNL (Analytis, Wang, Yao). The executive committee will track the overall progress and success of the Center in meeting its goals, and will be consulted by the Director and Deputy Director regularly. The Executive Committee membership was constructed to represent the full team of EFRC investigators, both scientifically and in terms of institutional balance.